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The game of one star reviews


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30-45 mins
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In Karen, each player is going to sneak their own fake complaints in amongst hilarious REAL one star reviews found online, to try and convince their opponents that THEY are the real Karen...

Players start with five stars on their scoring star boards. The aim of the game is to lose four of your stars and be the first player with only one star left on your board. Simple.

Players need to win five points to be able to remove a star. They mark off these winning points by drawing a disappointed mouth on the Karens at the top of their pads.

Each round, a player takes on the role of the ‘host’. They will set a challenge for the other players, which will involve them creating their own FAKE reviews to fool the other players into believing they’re the real Karen. This game isn’t about getting the RIGHT answer- it’s about coming up with your own funny suggestions and tricking the other players into believing your creation is the real complaint.


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