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Format Games are shaking up the world of board games with their fun, fast-paced and feel good range of games from the brain of Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter Matt Edmondson.

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Matt and Laurence

During lockdown, rather than learning Ancient Greek or hoarding loo roll, Matt used his creative energy and previous experience of designing games to come up with new ideas...

Along the way, he also taught himself graphic and packaging design, copywriting and learnt about the games' manufacturing process - everything needed to bring the games to market independently. Partnering with his brother-in-law, businessman Laurence Emmett, the pair founded Format Games and launched two brand new games in 2021: colour-mixing card game, Egg Slam and the immensely replayable trivia game, So Wrong It's Right.

Format Games' credibility as an indie games label has been given the ultimite seal of approval by Asmodee, who first signed them up for UK distribution in February 2021. Seeing the potential of Matt's designs and recognising the worldwide appeal of the game formats, August 2021 saw Asmodee swiftly follow up with an exclusive global distribution deal covering the US, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.