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Welcome all,

We come to you with an important cause. The once glorious name Karen is no longer what it used to be. In fact, Karens are in sharp decline. It’s predicted that soon no new babies will be called Karen, which means the name Karen may become extinct.

At Format Games, we want to do something to change this. Like uncles literally called Bob, Becky’s with good hair or Richard’s who prefer to go by the name of Dick, the name Karen has been hijacked to mean something else.

You see, we know there’s a huge difference between someone called Karen, a lovely person, and “A Karen”, someone who likes to complain about things. Leaving people called Karen with a bit of a conundrum…a Karen-undrum you might say.

To bring the name Karen back to its former glory, we need your help.

Here at Format Games are offering to give you the chance to change your name to Karen and kickstart the resurrection of Karen…

So, what do you
have to do?

Fill in the below form and Format Games will offer you the chance to officially change your name to…

We will be selecting applicants throughout the month of December. All you have to do is fill in your details in this form and hit send! When the offer ends on the 31st December, Format Games will randomly select 100 people to change their name to Karen. You will have 4 months to present your Deed Poll forms to confirm you have done this. We will forward a cheque of £42.44 to cover the name change fees. By filling in this form you are ALSO entering a COMPETITION. As a huge thank you for being part of our movement, we will randomly draw ONE winner from applicants who will be in with the chance to win a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF OUR GAMES.

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