It takes two to doodle

Number of players icon


Time to learn icon

aged 8+

Time to play icon

15-20 mins
to play

What You'll Need
  • 450 Toodle tasks
  • 1x Toodles double drawer
  • 2x Toodle wands
  • 1x Dice
  • 1x 30 second timer
  • 1x dry erase marker pen
  • 2x wipeable whiteboards
  • 1x Toodle-o-meter

Sure, drawing on your own is fun, but have you tried drawing with someone else, using the same pen, at the same time? It’s twice the fun!

In Toodles, two people draw something at the same time with NO communication. Players rack up points as a team by choosing to draw an object from three distinct categories, Easy, Medium, and Hard. Once a category is selected, players select a card and roll the dice to find out what they need to draw. Without talking, players have 30 seconds to draw a picture together at the same time using their Toodle wands. After 30 seconds, the other players must guess what has been drawn before the 30 seconds is up!

Players win points for guessing the object correctly – 1 point for Easy Cards, 2 points for the Medium Cards and 3 points for the Hard Cards. If playing as one team, count your score after 10 rounds and see how well you have fared against the TOODLE-O-METER. If playing in two teams, the team with the most points after 10 rounds wins!

How To Play
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