The Backwards Game
The Backwards Game
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The Backwards Game

Everything happens in reverse


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30-60 mins
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The Backwards Game is a super silly party game played in teams. All of the questions and challenges are incredibly easy... if you do them forwards. However, in this game, EVERYTHING reverse in happens!…

At the start of a game, each team decides on a secret five letter word, for example B R E A D which they write BACKWARDS on their BACKWARDS BOARD. Each team has thirty seconds to whizz through as many backwards clues as possible, across five types of clue card. After thirty seconds is up, the team score how many correct answers they got by ticking them off inside the circles on the BACKWARDS BOARD.

When a team ticks off three of the circles, they can try and guess a letter on the rival team’s BACKWARDS BOARD- ‘hangman’style. If the letter they guess is in the other team’s word, that team must reveal it by removing the mystery card. The winning team is the first to correctly guess the rival team’s secretword, and say it FORWARDS. If, however, they make an incorrect guess, the opposing team can remove any mystery card from their opponent’s BACKWARDS BOARD they like.

The Backwards Game
The Backwards Game

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