So Wrong It's Right
So Wrong It's Right
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So Wrong It's Right

One Question, five answers


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For Players
aged 12+

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30 mins
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A devilishly simple quiz with a quick thinking twist. Each question has 5 possible answers, with action cards dictating how players must answer the question. Will you grab the card and call out the correct answer first?

‘Got it’ means you answer correctly, ‘Flip it’ means you flip the words around in your answer, ‘Switch it’ means you switch the first letters of your answer, ‘Ditch it’ means you lose the first letter of your answer, and ‘Not it’ means you give a wrong answer. Giving the correct type of answer earns you action cards, and at the end of the game, the player with the most action cards is the winner!

With 500 questions and 2000 possible answers, this game is replayable fun for large or small groups. Whether it’s flipping the words, swapping letters, or saying the wrong answer entirely, you'll never play the same game twice!

So Wrong It's Right
So Wrong It's Right

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